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Anerley Gazette, May 2022

We are now only a few weeks away from Summer. April, renown for rain showers, has this year been unusually dry and there has been many sunny days where we could actually feel the sun’s warmth. Some of our Club members have been making the most of our Spring weather, however before I report some of what has been going on, or other topics which might be of interest to you, first a warning that we all need to be aware of.

Cyclists in Surrey and south London are being warned of multiple reports of a moped gang, seemingly targeting lone female cyclists after a rider was held down and had her bike stolen in Beddlestead Lane. Read the full report here


Don’t Become a Victim!

Whilst on the subject of bike theft, several of our Club members have over the years, had bikes stolen – me included. So it makes sense to be wised up on what actions we can take to avoid such losses, and should they occur, what to do about it.

Cycle UK has lots of useful information on these two topics, see

Traversing Spain from South to North

Spain has long been a favourite holiday cycling destination for Anerley B.C riders, especially the north with it’s stunning Picos de Europa mountains adjacent to the coast of Cantabria, near Santander with it’s ferry service to Portsmouth. But no one has yet cycled all the way from the south west to the north east. That was, until this year when Alan Malarkey did just that!

Read all about how Alan became another of Anerley’s most audacious riders here:

Anerley Riders take on the Kennet Valley Audax Trails

What is an Audax?

Several Anerley members did two Audax rides in early April, but what is an Audax?
Audax UK have described it as – not a race, not a tour, not a sportive, not a club run. The claim is that Audax rides offer a unique cycling experience, a challenge to suit the varied preferences of a variety of solo or group riders. Something for everyone. So a bit about Audaxing which cyclists have been doing for over 100 years.


The Long One

Tim Styles has a penchant for foreign bike tours. Previous plans had to be cancelled due to Covid, so instead, he decided that his challenge for 2022 would be to cycle to Scotland and back in under 25 hours, as required to successfully complete the London – Edinburgh – London Audax. As part of his early season training he entered the 200km Kennet Valley Audax and persuaded John Diamond to join him. This John’s story of their ride against the clock in the Berkshire countryside


The Shorter One

An advantage of Audax rides is that they offer such a variety of rides, long or short rides, hilly or flat, on scenic routes all over the UK, and many close to home. At the start of the summer many of us might struggle on a 200km ride, but all of us could manage a 100km (62 mile) ride, which is why so many of us opted for the Kennet Valley 100 to enjoy some new and scenic places.

A ride that we all enjoyed! see

The 5th Wolfe of Westerham Sportive – 3rd July

Not for the faint hearted, this is a really challenging ride on our doorstep, not the distances, because the 2 options (40 or 72 miles) are nothing special. It is the hills, 3084 ft of climbing for the 40 miler and 6119 ft for the 72 mile ride.

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There is still time to put yourself to the challenge

Time Trials

Mark Hancock our Race Secretary has long been trying to get Club members interested in time trialling. At least he has been able to encourage one of our members, Dee Rutter, to find out more about what is involved. Come on, there must be more of us who could tempted to test themselves in the race of truth. Barry, who scoops up an armful of Anerley’s T.T trophies each year is well past 60. So no reason why you younger ones can’t just give it a try.


Denise and the Travails of Travel!

So what have our ladies been upto? As you probably already know, Denise, our Gossip columnist is currently in Mallorca with a group of Anerley’s Ladies, and of course has been busy getting the miles in as preparation for the island’s challenges. But the climbs are not quite as vertical as this!

So a bit of news and gossip from Denise:

Feeling Funny on a Club Ride

Quite ironically, after writing about the benefits of cycling alone last month, Tom Vaz talks about his heart attack while leading a 100 mile Amberley ride – it was abandoned as he was carted off to hospital in an ambulance. Fortunately on this occasion he was not cycling alone!

Read Tom’s experience of a heart attack here:

Cycling in Mallorca

Mention of Mallorca – Tom Tom came across this item which very informative and worthwhile read. I just hope that you have upto date passports !


And finally…

Some of us took advantage of the If so, drop us an email to the address below – Thanks!

If you are enjoying your cycling then it is likely that we all want to know what you are up to. Why not share your interests and experiences with the rest of us. Or perhaps there are topics that you would like to see in the Gazette?

The Great British Rail Sale runs until 27 May but book before 2 May. Southern rail was offering single fares for £2.70 through most of its network so you will have missed it if you haven’t already booked. But if you have booked to go somewhere more exotic than Tanhouse Farm let us know how you got on!

Current Covid guidance from our Club Captain

“The government is removing all domestic COVID restrictions in England. So dealing with COVID has effectively become advice on how to reduce the risks of catching and spreading COVID. This includes the following:

Get vaccinated

Let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside:

Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces

Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and stay at home if positive”

Peter Roberts