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The Battle of the Sexes!

Our ladies, and especially Jo Smith and Denise, are setting us all examples to follow. Away Days in Mallorca to climb the most tortuous Sa Calobra. Plus as you have just read above, battling head winds in an epic 200 mile ride around a Swedish lake.

Torturous climbs in Mallorca

So the question is – what would you like to do to show that you can take on a cycling challenge?
The results of the recent Club Survey are to be discussed in a few days time, by the Club Committee. So we should then be able to start organising a few things. However, many of the more popular activities do take time to organise. But something that could be put together quickly – by around the end of Sept/ beginning of October, would be an Anerley Challenge Event – something along the lines of a short, fun style of time trial. The last such event was held in 2015, see https://anerleybc.org/the-2015-club-10/
But note – no ladies then – an omission to put right in 2022 ! ! ! !

I would expect that most of us took up cycling for it’s health benefits, such as to get fitter, lose weight, etc. And of course cycling will have provided those benefits in some measure. But how do you measure those benefits?
Something that some newcomers to Anerley B.C used to do, was a short time trial in the Spring and another in the Autumn, which showed how much quicker (fitter!) we had got during the summer cycling season. It could also lead to a bit of friendly competition – which made it an enjoyable bit of fun!

Just one example of how a bit of friendly competition would arise:
A young lady, Florence Hallett, joined Anerley B.C. She is the younger sister of Richard Hallett who was then a Technical staffer for the C.T.C and continues now with Cycle UK. It was through him that Florence joined Anerley B.C. In addition to his work for Cycle UK he is a frame builder, amongst other (cycling) things. See his web site at http://www.halletthandbuiltcycles.com/about.html

Audax bikes, popular with C.T.C members and Anerley B.C riders!

When Florence joined Anerley B.C, it didn’t take much persuading to get her to have a go at a T.T. The first event of the year was the Croydon District Cycling Assn, 10 mile Twiddlers – twiddling the pedals to get the legs working after a winter lay off. Needless to say Florence thrashed me! Mind you she was in her twenties and I was in my 60s. But the gauntlet was down and so the battle of the sexes began. This is how it progressed as reported by Bryn Tully, our Racing Secretary, in his Racing Round Up for the Summer 2002 Anerley Gazette.

 Florence Hallett
9 MarCDCA TwiddlersG10/4210 ml34.22
20 AprilKingston PhoenixG10/4210 ml30.39
8 JuneCDCAG10/4210 ml31.22
 Des Donohoe
9 MarCDCA TwiddlersG10/4210 ml36.28
20 AprilKingston PhoenixG10/4210 ml31.59
8 JuneCDCAG10/4210 ml31.16

Bryn added: In the meantime, we will enjoy the battle between Des and Florence.

Both myself and Florence really enjoyed the competition, and kept readers of the Gazette entertained! Plus, as you can see from our improved times, we really did get fitter in just a few summer months!

Unfortunately time takes it’s toll, and my days of getting faster are long gone – now it is a case of trying not to get slower! But one benefit of each passing year, is that for veteran T.Ts there is a handicap system which gives an increasing time bonus with each passing year. So even now I am sure that I could manage a short Anerley Challenge – a not too serious – fun style time trial. Are you?

This is the suggested 8 mile course – a country lane circuit, showing a start and finish adjacent to Tan House Farm, a popular tea stop for Anerley B.C.

So please do email us at anerleygazette@gmail.com if you would like to show that you still have some life in your legs and would like to test yourself in an Anerley Challenge. Without your support it won’t happen!

If there is the support, more details to follow, plus some useful tips and tactics on how ride a time trial.