The Anerley Re-Union after 60 years!

I have already written about our mini-tour based at Weymouth and our visit to the Abbotsbury Swannery. See

Sue leads the way for us to see the Swans’ mid-day lunch

Note the gent ahead of Sue. The one wearing a baseball cap and holding a shopping bag. After the feeding, and a very interesting talk by the Swan Keepers had finished, an elderly lady came up to TomTom. Having seen his Anerley gilet, she asked if it was Anerley in south London. Having been told that it was, she informed us that her husband had been a member of our bike club in the 1950s. She then walked off, only to return with the gent in the baseball cap, who was introduced to us as Stan Hutson.

Stan Hutson and his wife Beryl are re-united with Anerley BC after 60 years!

Although I had never met Stan, I did know of him – he was an old friend of John Turnbull and John Jackson, from whom I had heard stories of their young days in Anerley BC. Those times were 60 years ago, in the early 1950 and Stan Hutson featured in those stories of long, long ago. I also knew of Stan Hutson, because he features in our Club history, A Story Told By Members 1881 – 1981.

For example this little item at page 49 of the club’s history – before mobile phones and photos!

Including S. Hutson with flat cap, (named!) front row on the right!

What a coincidence that chance meeting was! Naturally we had lots to talk about – the then, and the now.