Have you had an MOT Test?

When the winter comes we cut back on our cycling. Less miles means less fitness.
Some 15 years back I decided to join the Purley gym to do a bit of winter weight training to counter this annual decline.
I was taken around, shown the various types of equipment, had a go on the rower, exercise bike, weight lifting machines etc. Then the sales chat to get me to sign up. Suitably impressed I was questioned about my current health and fitness after which my pulse and heart rate were checked. To my surprise I was informed that my blood pressure was too high and advised to see my doctor. That was a bit of a worrying blow!
So to the man in the white coat I went – I can’t remember the figures now, but they were something like 140/90 – no problem says he – you’re not a youngster and that is good for someone of your age. Well that was a relief!

High blood pressure is a killer without obvious symptoms. This is why when someone starts a new exercise regime (like when I went to the gym) they are advised to have their blood pressure checked. It is now recommended by NHS that we should all have regular checks as a matter of course.

A few years back I was on an Anerley Ride when we came across a cyclist lying on the grass verge, making a phone call. Being concerned we stopped. It turned out that he was on the phone making a 999 call. He had collapsed on his bike ride from a heart attack, from which he unfortunately died.

That is the bad news, but the good news is that regular exercise is one of the best things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of having high blood pressure. But this does not mean that do not need to have it checked when starting a new or more challenging form of exercise. So if, like when I decided to join the Purley gym to do some weight lifting, do get an MOT test!

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