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Cycling Aches & Pains – Knees.

In North America, by the age of 65, some 80% have X-ray evidence of arthritic knees. I have no doubt that a similar number in the UK are also similarly effected. Knee pain is certainly one of the two most common problems for cyclists, but even worse amongst runners!
The good news, as you will read later in this item, is that in most cases of the most common form of knee pain (arthritis), exercise has been proven to be more effective than surgery. And better still that one of the very best exercises for knee problems – is – cycling!

My knee problems started about 20 years ago when I was training to run a Marathon. I had got upto the Cranleigh Runners 21 mile race but one of my knees started to play up and I had to walk the last few miles. After that, every time I started serious training I has to stop and walk.
Fortunately it did not affect my cycling – that is until some years later in 2014 when I was on a bike tour with Tom Vaz, staying at a B & B in Truro the capital city of Cornwall. We had set off to cycle across to the north coast of Cornwall.

This ride started with a very steep climb. Standing up to add my body weight to help in turning the pedals, I suddenly had an intense pain in my previously run-injured knee and had to sit down. Fortunately the pain then went, but I still get it if standing on steep hills. The final, proverbial straw, was more recent. About 5 years ago I was walking the dog thru some woods, tripped over a tree root, landing on my twice previously injured knee – cartilige injury – so I am an avid reader of info on what to do to relieve knee pain!

One reliable and well informed source, whose free web site I have been following since my Cranleigh 21 injury, is a Doctor Mirkin. I came across him by accident because he is a regular contributor on health and fitness to another free web site, to which I am a follower – https://www.roadbikerider.com/

The internet is awash with “experts” on every subject that you might be interested in. I like to verify the authenticity if possible. Dr Mirkin has a very comprehensive C.V. and the content of his web site over my 20 years confirms his expertise. Should you wish to see it, https://www.drmirkin.com/about-dr-mirkin

So Knee Problems, and two recent items from the good Doctor,


And https://www.drmirkin.com/health/joints/osteoarthritis-linked-to-inflammation.html