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Bike Winter Care

New and worn disc brake pads for comparison!

Bike Winter Care – Some good and timely seasonal advice from Vince.

– eBikes, remove battery & take indoors. Batteries don’t like extreme cold.

Tyres, check for wear, cuts, wall bulgies.

– Chain 

** check for wear

** replace if worn.

** Clean

** Lubricate

Rear / Front Derailleurs

** scrape clean jockey wheels

** drop little bit of oil on travel / limit screws.

** bikes with external cable routing, slide cable housing (close to rear derailleur) along cable, oil cable & refit (no tools required).


** check for any loose spokes

** if bike has rim brakes, check wheel rim for wear (rim wall shouldn’t be curved inwards).

** axle care, remove wheels, hold wheel by the axles about chest height & spin wheel.

If axle feels ‘gritty’, cup & cones will need greasing. On newer bikes, bearings may need replacing.

** check wheels are ‘true’ & not wobbling.

** whist still in the frame, hold wheel at rim & move side to side. There should be no movement. 

Disc Brakes

** remove wheels, visually check brake pads for wear.


** check not loose

NOTE -nearly all the above require no / minimal tools.