Anerley Gazette Des, June 2021

The month of May was a bit of a washout! This year, Spring definitely sprang a leak, being one of the wettest and windiest on record. Let us hope that June makes up for it with lots of warm sunshine so that at long last, we can get out together on some longer rides.
The Club Ride Register reflected the weather. Not much action of note shown in May, except for Captain Mark leading the charge with an 80 mile ride to Yalding and back.

Yalding’s Tea Pot Island Tea Room is famous for it’s collection of 2,800 tea pots!

But there are some more, venturous rides to report – Club away days this coming summer – and the first time trial ridden of the year. But I will leave Denise to report on what some of you, the club members, have planned. I am sure that others of you will have more to add, so please let us know. This is your magazine and without your input we will have nothing to report in future Gazettes!
So come on ride leaders, lets be bit a more adventurous, go to some different places and try a few different things. To get us started, a few examples below.

Car/train assisted away days. Mid summer last year when the Covid lockdown eased, some of us managed a trip down to the Isle of Thanet to explore the Viking Coastal Trail. Now that Marilyn lives along this route, for those who missed out, perhaps it is time for a second invasion by Anerley B.C. An interesting seaside bike ride!

Most of us took up cycling to get fit. To keep that fitness and get even fitter, you can’t do better than to climb a few hills! Audax and Sportives are hilly rides in scenic country areas. But the latest hill challenge is Everesting!

Mount Everest – 29,032 feet – a cycling challenge!

But we can all do it! Well sort of.
Now that so many of you use Strava, here is a challenge that you can all do. Just keep a running log of the altitude gains for your rides. Starting from the Tuesday Ride on 1st June, see how long – how many days – it takes you to climb a total of 29,032 feet. To make it easy and to get you started, just try Everest Base Camp which is 17, 598 ft.
But who is going the first Anerley rider to conquer all 29,032 ft to the summit – keep us posted!

Tom Tom and Ewa attacking Bailey’s Hill

To start you off on your Mount Everest Challenge, this 52 mile ride will provide 4,388 ft towards the 17,598 ft to reach the mountain’s base camp. It is a scenic ride, not too difficult, and will allow you to enjoy the bluebells that you missed in May, plus some rhododendrons which should be blooming in June.

The infamous “Wall” in the Ashdown Forest

For the younger and /or fitter of our club members the Ashdown Forest provides a more challenging start to the Everest Challenge.
Reliability Rides are traditionally done as pre-season preparation for the Time Trial season. Mark H, John Dadson and Barrie will no doubt remember the Catford Reliability Ride from their younger, racing days! Now it has been re-named as a Sportive, so a challenging ride for our younger and /or fitter club members. The stats are 100km (62 miles), 4,588 ft of climbing – but try to complete it in 4 hours!

For more info on above plus other items, click on this link <The Bluebell Audax Ride>