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A Tale of woe from Frank Kippen

Yesterday I bought a new TOPEAK front light. It is sold around the planet so I was not taking a chance. But today it is Kaput!

Surprisingly it is already fully charged as the green light went out after 10 secs.

This time I have read the charging instructions carefully. I now realise using my Samsung mobile travel adapter with an output rating of 5V 2.0A as a charger, I have been overloading the light which has a limit for input rating of only 5V 0.5A!  It also states you must not use a quick charger – ie my adapter. It only states charging using a PC.

Anerley riders I suggest should be warned that bike light charging must be fully in accordance with the instructions otherwise the life of the light will be significantly reduced!

Peter R recently advised the club on the use of bright front lights – that could be followed by the need to follow charging instructions to the letter.

I hope this cautionary tale is of use.

Regards Frank Kippen.