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Road Wars!

You may have seen the recent BBC Panorama programme entitled “Road rage: cars vs bikes.” which resulted from a BBC investigation and research into attitudes towards cycling in the UK. It suggests there is widespread dislike of people cycling on British roads.

As expected Cycling UK has responded to this programme, asking why cycling is such a polarising topic and what, if anything, can be done about it. See the item below with this idyllic photo of how it should be –

As regular cyclists we are very familiar with the thoughtless and often dangerous behaviour of many vehicle drivers. However cyclists are not blameless as shown in the following video taken by a cyclist on his rush hour commute in London. He appears not to anticipate potential dangerous situations, fails to give way to other traffic – even a police car! It also highlights how a great many of London’s cyclists ignore traffic lights and pedestrians crossing the roads. No wonder cyclists have got such a bad reputation. This video is worth watching – just mute the music and enjoy a white knuckle cycle ride through London!