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New Year Resolutions

Some of you will in effect, have already made a New Year Resolution and set an example for more of us to follow. For example Warren D’Souza has set himself the challenge of completing his first 100 mile Century in May, the https://www.ridelondon.co.uk/. He has already started training and during this winter weather, is going out running 10k twice a week, in addition to a weekend Anerley B.C club ride.

When Warren joined our club earlier this year, his longest ride had just been to Box Hill and back. He wanted to get fit for the Etape Caledonia, which he successfully completed in May. – see https://anerleybc.org/etape-caledonian-pitlochry/    

He is not alone in making an early start. Denise and Jo Smith are already proven mega distance cyclists in Sweden !

See https://anerleybc.org/the-vatternrundan-sweden-2022/– and are also not resting on their laurels, having started training for a June, Lands End – John O’Groats.
But our Ladies are not the only ones determined to cycle the length and breadth of our emerald isle. Our newest Club members, Nigel Davidson and Colin Oxlade, have also started training for this most famous, and challenging UK bike ride. Hope to get some photos of our new Club mates for the next Gazette, so that we recognise them as they pedal off into the distance!

Another group of our Club members have made a commitment to compete in our Anerley 10 mile T.T in May. Some practise and training for this event will be very beneficial if started early in the new year – not just a few weeks before the event.

The secret to being successful in any challenging commitment is Consistency – as explained here:
One of the important ingredients for success suggested, is to join a bike club and/or find a training partner or partners who share the same goals as yourself. We are lucky that we already are in a friendly bike club, and will have other members to share our goals and challenges with. So we should all be able to find something that we would like to achieve in 2024 – just give it a bit of thought and use the information provide in the above item to turn the thoughts into a reality.