Looking For a Different Coffee/Tea Stop?

For a year now we have been restricted to take-aways only, due to the  Covid restrictions. During these past winter months it has become ever more difficult to think of somewhere different to go to. Just before the latest lockdown started in December, one of my favourite take-aways (two actually!) were at Godstone Green. These provided a nice location about three quarters of the way round a circular route out and into south Surrey.  Now with Spring already here and the promise of some warm sunny days, Godstone Green still offers a great place to sit outside with a coffee to admire the view!

And on it’s corner, the Green Room makes a nice cup of coffee!

Fast forward to early March of this year, and on a Tuesday Ride, with no specific venue in mind, we rambled along our country lanes through Marden Park, Tandridge, towards Crowhurst and then up to Broadham Green. It was a cold, cold, morning so we headed back upto Oxted, looking for a tea stop. And sure enough, 100yds after passing Oxted’s Masters Park we saw this inviting place!

Then hot lattes in hands, we walked back to the park with it’s plentiful seats to relax on, and decided that this would be another nice place to return to in the near future, with summer sun and it’s many trees dressed in green.

The next Tuesday we went off in a different direction, out into Kent’s country lanes. And not forgetting the long steep climb up to Cudham! But then rewarded by the longer downhill into the valley at Pratts Bottom.
Finding both the tea room and farm shop at Downe, closed, we continued on into Keston. Here we struck it lucky – 2 coffee shops!

Now under lockdown as a take-away, it’s name has been changed to Heathfields, it being in Heathfield Rd. the main street through Keston Village.
Once more, the nice little coffee shop was only 100 yds from open country. Hayes Common, yes Hayes, not Keston Common. Having walked there with our coffee and bikes, we sat down to enjoy a wintertime, country view. Think of what it would be like with the greenery of the summer woodlands. (Pity about the rubbish bin!)

In 1770 the fountain stood at the old town market in Bromley
Another change of name, now Daisy Grey’s as an up market take-away!

That was on the Tuesday Ride. The weekend ride took us back into Surrey’s lanes and byways. Betchworth (it’s Post Office in the Old Reigate Rd is now doing take-away tea/coffee etc), Brockham, and up to the A25 into the outskirts of Dorking. Here we did a left up the steep Punch Bowl climb and followed the circuit back into Brockham over Tanners Brook. We noticed some ramblers with cardboard cups of coffee, so eyes peeled we saw that the old Reading Room, village shop, was now serving take-away coffee/tea, cake etc. So here we stopped.

And opposite was Brockham Green, the old parish church and seats to sit on to enjoy our hot lattes. As many of you will know, this old church (or church hall to be precise), serves Sunday afternoon tea/coffee and homemade cake during the Summer – excellent value too!

I am sure that many of you will also have come across new, or forgotten tea and coffee stops, so please do let us know. Thanks!