Dee’s TT at Holmwood

Not me, but Anerley Colours on another day!

Yes I have taken the plunge and rode my first TT in Anerley colours on Saturday 28th May 2022. But first my apologies for missing the deadline for June’s Gazette but I was at my niece’s wedding the next day, and then went on holiday a few days later!

Now I’m back from holiday but training for a long swim on 16th July (Ullswater Chill Swim – 7.5 miles end to end!) and I am also walking the Coast to Coast – 192 miles, starting on13th August, over 19 days. I am trying to get some walks in before that!

So, here I am with the long-awaited report of my first TT in the Anerley colours!

My pre-race preparation wasn’t exactly professional…. We took my Mum to Venice for a few days, as part of her 80th birthday celebrations, returning in the early hours of the 27th May, the observant amongst you will see that was only the day before the TT!!

So, contrary to Des’ report last month, I don’t actually have a TT bike, but I do have a set of Racing wheels, Campagnolos, which I swap onto my trusty Road bike for ‘events’ – mostly triathlons …. Maybe if I get serious about TTs, I’ll be allowed to buy a TT bike … will have to consult with the finance department!!

Anyway, I digress, my race prep consisted of changing the wheels over, traipsing around Venice for a few days, taking the bike round the block (about 7km) the day before the TT, just to check everything felt okay and turning up on the day!

I checked out the ‘competition’ before driving over to the start, saw that there were only ten entered into the Road Bike category, of which there were only two ladies, me being one. I also noticed on the details from the race organisers, that there were cash prizes for 1st & 2nd placed ladies (& gents), so I reckoned that no matter where I finished, as long as I did, there was going to be some cash for me!!

My intention from entering was just to get a time, from which I hoped to improve over the rest of the TT season …. initially I was hoping for about 31 minutes but with my lack of preparation, thought I’d be happy with 32 minutes and no mechanicals.

So, I made my way to race HQ, picked up my number, met Barrie, we wished each other good luck, rode once around the block & lined up in number order, ready for my push off …..

On the road I tried to remember the advice I’d been given, which was mainly not to set off too fast along the first incline. I managed to do this and when I got to the turnaround point, glanced at my time and reckoned if I could keep up the pace, I’d be on for a better than expected time! Passed the timekeeper at the end, shouting out my number and made my way back to the car. Packed away the bike and returned to HQ with my number to have my ‘provisional’ time confirmed as 30’06” – needless to say, I was delighted with that!!

They also confirmed I would receive £15 cash prize, as the 2nd lady!!

So, all in all it was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next one – when I can find some spare time!! Meanwhile I’ll try not to let the prize money go to my head, but it’ll pay for the next TT!!

Hope this is okay Des, sorry I’ve not got any photos from the day. If you want, I can take a pic of my Racing Wheels?!!