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Club Gazette Autumn 2012

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3 thoughts on “Club Gazette Autumn 2012

  • A big thank you to our lady editor and our technical editor for this enjoyable read. A good bit of teamwork. What would we do without you!

  • Mark Greenhough

    Michael Greenhough
    I believe was a club member between around 1950 and 1960
    I would like to find out how to get a newsletter from the club mailed to him
    and how much it might cost?

    I believe a fellow club member// he has mentioned// is Mike Turner also a club member around the same time. If that helps.

  • Hello Mark,
    I assume that Michael is your Father? Whilst he was an Anerley B.C member long before my time, I do know of him by reputation! A good reputation, not a bad one!
    Mike Turner is still about, although no longer an active cyclist with our club. The only member that Michael would remember is John Turnbull, who has been (and is still) a member of the Anerley for over 50 years. He may also remember John’s wife, Meike, who has ridden with the club for many years, and made cups of tea and delicious cakes for even more years!
    A few years back (5 or 6?) John and Meike had planned a summer cycle tour around the great lakes, and if I recall correctl, it was their intention to call in and visit your dad. I doubt whether we have another ex Anerley member in your part of the world. However the visit to Canada was called off because it was at this time that Bird Fly-Sars arrived in Canada.
    Re your query about the most recent copy of the Anerley Gazette (Autumn 2012), it is now available on line at It is also available as a PDF for easier printing off.
    In recent years we have moved into the 21st century and the monthly Gazette has been replaced by the club web site. This allows ride reports and anything else that a member might like to share, to be added on an ad hoc basis. It was also decided last year, to just do a resume for an annual Gazette, the first of which is at the above link.
    We do appreciate that not everyone has access to a computer, so it was decided that the PDF version would be available to print off a copy.
    Hope this helps to answer your query. If not please get back to me. Also, it would be great to hear from your Dad, who may have memories of his days with the Anerley.


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