Tuesday Ride 8th May

On arriving at Shurguard I was told that the ride was to Lingfield. First that I heard about it as I was going to Edinbridge! The confusion arose from an erroneous Whats App message, which of course I didn’t get cos I don’t have Whats App.
Anyway a minor problem, on a glorious sunny day, so the 10.00 group of a dozen set off to Edenbridge, following in the tracks of the conquering Roman Legions. Some 2000 years earlier they had built the first bridge over what is now the River Eden – hence the town’s name of Edenbridge.

The traces of the Roman conquest are long gone, but hidden away under the pot holes of the modern road builders some of these first roads still remain. Hence the long straight road leading south into Edenbridge, and it’s high street leading to the bridge. The track of the Roman road is shown on O.S maps. The bit below shows where it crosses over Limpsfield Chart. At bottom left is shown the symbol for St Andrews church at Limpsfield Chart, and below that a bridle way is marked. This bridle way is Treveraux Hill, down which we cycled. And only a few yards to the east of Treveraux is where the Roman road continued to join the modern main road at the bottom of Marlpit Hill.

But enough of the past.
On this beautiful sunny day the Surrey Hills and Kent Weald were at their best. What a magnificent view over the countryside as we headed west, on a detour along the Pilgrims Way towards the bottom of Titsey Hill. Stopping here by the church, I caught sight of about six kites wheeling around in the blue sky above. These birds of prey, clearly identifiable by their forked tails, are a very new introduction to England, and one of the few breeding grounds is here, around Botley and Titsey Hills.

After more country lanes, and a little extra mileage with another detour via Four Elms, we arrived at the designated tea stop at The Minstrels. When last we came here, it had an outside seating area, just right for this sunny morning. Unfortunately the tea room has lost the lease to this area, and due to misunderstanding about the indoor facilities, we moved up the road a 100 yds to the local Costa.

Suitably refreshed it was then homeward bound to end a 40 odd mile ride in perfect cycling weather.