Tuesday Ride: 28th February 2012


Shot a cheap camera on an even cheaper handlebar clamp. I guess the message is don’t video when riding on 100psi 23mm slicks without vibration dampening!

The Water Carrier was Usaama Kaweesa doing his 8km walk from Croydon High Street to Old Coulsdon. The container was really heavy and a pointed reminder of a task many millions (billions?) have to do every day to survive. Usaama is raising money for Restless Development www.restlessdevelopment.org. You can contribute at: www.justgiving.com/usaama-kaweesa

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Ride: 28th February 2012

  • March 10, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Hello Anerley Bicycle Club

    I’m the Water Carrier. When I met you guys I had no idea you were cycling all the way to Edenbridge – I guess we were both undergoing a long journey.

    Nice video by the way, thanks for helping me raise awareness of the water scarcity issue on your site.

    Best Wishes

    Usaama Kaweesa


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