Tuesday Ride: 18th July 2017


Out with the ‘B’ team to Biggin Hill with TomTom leading. Out via Warlongham. “Is he going to do Beddlestead Lane?” was the question on most people’s lips. No – what a let-off!

But he was keeping the sting in the tail. The final climb to the airfield was on a road that looked like it had been targetted by the USAF “mother of all bombs”. So you couldn’t even get a straight line attck on the ascent. Get your gears wrong and you are walking (or falling into a hedge in my case).

It was worth it. Team ‘A’ were keeping the table and benches warm at the Lookout Cafe. We were buzzed to our delight by a Spitfire. The cheering news that John T was home from hospital meant we went one better than a ‘Get Well’ card with a ‘Get Well’ book – Biggin on the Bump: The Most Famous Fighter Station in the World signed by us all. Hope you enjoy it John!

Back home along the Chestwood Avenue track with its stupendous views across to the South Downs. A great day: 24.47 miles at a very credible 11.37 mph for a so-called slow group.