Tim Continues His Quest.

Cycle Questing is a great way to explore our countryside, incorporating navigation and map reading skills, plus observation. Tim provided us with an interesting article for the Anerley Gazette, at which time, from June 2020 to November 2021, he had found 202 of the Quest locations out of a total of 402. The areas he covered to find these, spread from Cornwall to the Yorkshire. His last area before Covid put a stop to his explorations, was South Wales. Below is one of the 202 locations found. The full and interesting story, aptly titled – is at https://anerleybc.org/halfway-there/

Tim and companions at Quest location at Ely, Cambridgeshire

Tim has now started the second half of his Quest, with Tom Vaz and John Diamond, commencing in mid-Wales. It just so happens that I made a summer visit to that area. I was doing a recce for a potential Anerley Away Days visit in the future.

The main area that I was interested in for a future base, was the Elan Valley near the small town of Rhayader. The Elan Valley covers 70 square miles of rugged Welsh landscapes surrounding the River Elan with it’s several dams creating extensive reservoirs. This being one example.

Tom Vaz sent me a photo taken during their visit, with the water flooding over the dam wall after the record breaking rain of March this year.

I look forward to more photos and write up of their Quest and travels – hopefully for next month’s Gazette.
Bicycle Quests offer great and interesting opportunities for club cyclists, to find out more see https://www.cyclinguk.org/british-cycle-quest