Thursday Ride: 19th November 2015


First of all well done to all the riders out today,in years past the run would of been cancelled but today I was joined by tina,barry,dave,and john dadson.The weather was heavy rain all day a good test of the clubs wet gear,some worked better than others.we rode out to chartwell via beddlested lane,clacket lane, and down crockham hill,we were join for lunch by john and meike,for some stange reason we had to wait until 12 o’clock sharp for hot food,very weird these Kentish folk.After lunch we rode back via westerham,the pilgrams way through oxted,and up flower lane into marden park,although we where all very wet by now,we all seemed to enjoy the wet conditions,not sure on total milage as I had a computer problem,but was around 40 miles in 3 hours.Two riders of the day today,first of all tina she seems to enjoy the wet rides and did very well to keep up with a strong group of riders today.second dave Gordon very good climbing today first to the top of bedddlested lane,and then a late attack on flower lane which caught me and barry by surprise.

Mark H

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