The Anerley B.C. Book Club

Sky Book
Do you want a bit of bed time reading?

Over the years, I have acquired a small collection of cycling books, at Christmas, birthdays, many hand-me-downs from John T.   AND I might even have bought 1 or 2!
Anyway, rather than keeping them to collect dust, a more useful idea came to mind. Why not start The Anerley B.C Lending Library?
I expect that there might be a few other club members who may also have a few now unwanted tomes gathering dust. If so and you would like to add to a club library let me know.

Tom Simpson






The stories of two fallen heroes






How will this library work?

A Chat message entitled “Library” will be sent shortly inviting requests to loan the books. Those who want to borrow a book should notify me with a return Chat message, listing up to 3 titles. From these Chat messages a rota list will be prepared for each book. The first person on the rota should pass the book onto the next person on the rota (etc) when they have read the book. This should relieve anyone from having to act as a librarian, but does of course rely on you, the club members, to ensure that the system works in practise!

To start the ball rolling, and after the initial requests have been received, I will hand out the books at the start of the various rides. It will then be up to the recipients to have a means of transporting the books home. E.g. In a rucksack, on a bike rack or by some other suitable method.

Are you interested?  If so send me a Chat message, entitled Library so that the level of interest can be gauged. If limited interest the books might be better off going to a charity shop!

Below are some more books now available for you to read.  For more information about what these books are about, go to Amazon books and in the search box, type in the book title that you are interested in.

one manmillar























bobet lance tour force









sky the limit Vive le tour