Sunday Ride: 9th June 2013


Seven up we set off for Coolings in Knockholt. But not after a little jostling for being leader of the day between Jeremy and Ewa.

We took a new route from Tatsfield search along a rough road and arrived early and made our way through to ‘Arthurs Cafe’ at the rear. All change. Instead of collecting food on the tray they had a new island serving area. Except it wasn’t and there was no menu unless you bypassed it and found a table. You then had to retrace your steps, order and then the food might eventually appear from somewhere else.

Most of the party gave up and just had a bit of cake and a drink. Perseverance was required to get the relatively bargainous £3.80 breakfast.

Meike and John T turned up and collared Ewa to pilot John back to civilisation on his bike. Hope they were successful!

The remnants of the party had a gorgeous ride to Trottiscliffe. First swooping down and through Shoreham, along to Otford joining the Pilgrim’s Way to via Wrotham. Ricki lost a spoke but it was otherwise uneventful though it could have been warmer for June.

Retracing our steps to Otford we then took the traditional Pilgrims Way climb to Tatsfield Church for more tea and cake. Except Ricki was in the lead and forgot. So he didn’t get any …