Sunday Ride: 2nd June 2019


Tom was off to Paris and Mark was Mulling over things in Scotland so a substitute ader was required. It revealed the solution to our too-popular Tuesday Ride problem. Combine them and put Stuart the front!

It was a beautiful day but advance notice of the change reduced the Sunday outing to only four. We rode out to Cobham and decided a cafe in the High Street might be more appropriate for the small number than the regular Squires Garden Centre. The selfie us on the pavement savouring a faux Italian Bistro [oops!] but not the bill.

In Cobham its not White Van Man that you should worry about – but WW2 Jeeps with what looks like live ammunition hanging off the dashboard:

Onward to The Anchor at Pyrford which wasn’t that busy considering the wonderful weather. Here we are all locked together:

Back via West Horsley more or less following this route from June 2017. About 58 miles: