Sunday Ride: 17th August 2014

Abinger Hammer Tea Rooms
Eight of us set off with Ewa sporting her gothic all black speedster. The road to Box Hill was blocked by road works which relieved us of some of traffic speeding down to Westhumble. The problem was more the weight of bikes coming the other way. It looked like a massive Sportive except no numbers were on display. The flow never ebbed as we went up and along Ranmore Common.

Thence down to the A25 as a speeding bullet alleged to be Jeremy delayed by a puncture zipped along the A25. Thence to the delightfully relaxed service of the Abinger Hammer Cafe and the Turnbulls …

Meike & John T @ Abinger hammer Cafe

Fed, watered and having dodged an unexpected shower departure was delayed by a necessary adjustment to a certain person’s bike. If you are going to lock it – don’t forget to bring the key! Fortuneately a fellow customer had a pair of decent loppers in his boot which did the necessary …

Breaking Bicycle Locks

Thence we separated into the folks needing an early bath and those who set out to the southwards to Forest Green …

Anerley BC @ Forest Green

Someone had to stop to take this picture …

Roller Ride

And so to Punchbowl Inn, Oakwoodhill dominated by a huge Alsatian. We huddle outside in fear until the heavens opened again though Gina had set out just before.

Punchbowl Inn, Oakwoodhill

We took the usual and rather delightful lanes back via Ockley Station and Capel. Hence to Newdigate, Leigh, Reigate and Merstham and back up the A23. Adding in the bit between the start/stop telephone box and Norwood put just over 100km on the clock for newcomer Tom. A man who is finding hiis bicycle legs and looks to be enjoying it!

Anerley BC outside Punchbowl Inn, Oakwoodhill