New Club Jersey Shoot Out

Our President is asking for your input on this …

The story so far. Jeremy came up with the favoured front design:


People were not too happy with the back. Phil P has come up with three alternatives A, B & C. Watchafink?
The comment box awaits.


5 thoughts on “New Club Jersey Shoot Out

  • Jeremy Hammond

    I like option B the best option A is fine but i would lose the lightning bolt. Well done for taking the debate forward.

  • David Gordon

    As a new member I don’t feel I deserve the right to comment but
    C is the one I would choose. Italics work well with anything to do with speed! and the thought of having a ‘spare wheel’ on my back would slow me down! ( I do like the flash of lightening on A but then my name is Gordon!).
    Well done Phililp as they all look good.
    David (everso new member) Gordon

  • I like A and B. Not so keen on the lightning flash though….

  • Good that there is progress.
    On balance I prefer Back type A without the lightning strike that makes the design too busy.
    Type B letter ‘A’ looks too thin.
    Type C is bold, very clear and simple without the target.


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