Have Motorists Harassed You Lately?

An article in Cycling Weekly, the week before last, concerned recent research into the harassment of cyclists by motorists. Although the research was carried out in Australia, the findings apply equally in the U.K. The problem is likely to be much worse for commuters, for example in the London rat race.  This subject is important as we have all suffered various degrees of harassment, and for this reason the Editor’s write up to the article also appears on the Cycling Weekly’s web site at   (As do many other interesting cycling articles).

I have copied the main article below.

Remonstrating with drivers or making V signs only exacerbates the situation. We would be better off with polite reminders of  our equal right to road space.  This is one good reason for promoting the 3 feet please campaign and wearing their cycling tops. See my previous item at 

Of course we are not blameless.  Stupid, dangerous, careless and thoughtless behaviour by some cyclists naturally causes friction with other road users. Unfortunately such behaviour by the few tars us all with the same brush.

Jumping red lights, cycling without lights (and usually in dark clothing!) give cyclists a bad name. But as a car driver, one of the most frustrating things, is groups of cyclists riding two abreast deliberately ignoring the traffic queue building up behind.  This only leads to impatient drivers making dangerous overtakes often putting the cyclists at risk.

We all have to share the road space, and a little bit of consideration by all to other road users, will reduce friction and lead to safer conditions and reduce accidents.    

I am sure that this is a subject about which we all have a view. The comments box below is a place where you might like to have your say, and/or relate your personal experiences.