Anerley B.C official Documents and Reports

The Club Handbook

Anerley BC


“Palmam qui meruit ferat”



(This handbook was revised November 2021)


The club is affiliated to the following organisations:

Cycling Time Trials (Ltd)

Southern Counties Cycling Union (SCCU)

Club Website:


Mrs. M. Turnbull

Vice Presidents:

J. Jackson (Mrs).

J. Dadson Esq.

D. Donohoe Esq.

T. Vaz Esq.

Past Presidents

W. M. Ruston Esq. *

Sir John Blundell-Maple *

H. S. Hughes Esq. *

R. H. Fry Esq. *

Sir C. Lawes-Wittewronge *

F. W. Bailey Esq. *

G. H. Smith Esq. *

S. F. Edge Esq. *

H. H. Clarke Esq.*

D. W. Wells Esq. *

W. H. M. Burgess Esq. *

B. H. Hogan Esq. *

W. P. Harmsworth Esq. *

F. S. Burgess Esq. *

W. J. Mountain Esq. *

E. S. Kirby Esq. *

R. Edgar Esq. *

Mrs. D. Cooke. *

J. F. Jackson BEM *



Hon. Secretary: Tom Vaz

Hon. Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Brian Penny

Hon. Racing Secretary: Mark Hancock

Hon. Webmaster: Stuart Grove

Captain: Jim Medway


Jeremy Hammond and Graham Dixon (Sunday)

Tom Vaz, John Dadson and Sandra Hughes (Tuesday)

Mark Hancock (Thursday)

Racing Secretary: Mark Hancock

Gazette Editor: Tom Vaz

Social Secretary: Sandra Hughes

Archivist: Des Donohoe


S.C.C.U. – Bryn Tully

C.T.T. – Bryn Tully

Cycle Forum – Austen Cooper

General Rules

  1. That the club be called the “ANERLEY BICYCLE CLUB”. The object of the club shall be to foster cycling in all forms.
  2. That the membership be for the following categories: Senior, Junior (under 18), Juvenile (under 16), Family, Unwaged and Honorary & Second Claim.
  3. That in the interest of expediency, the Secretary with approval of the Captain and at least one Committee Member, be empowered to grant membership to suitable applicants.
  4. That the club be open to male and female members and shall be either first or second claim membership.
  5. That should any person apply for second claim membership he or she shall not be eligible to take any of the trophies, medals, or handicap prizes.
  6. That an annual subscription shall become due and payable in advance on the first day of April each year.
  7. That if any member’s subscription is one month in arrears the Membership Secretary shall apply to that person for the sum and if still unpaid after a further month, that person shall be suspended from the club until such time that full payment has been made.
  8. That no member in arrears of payment to the club shall be allowed to compete for any club prizes or in the club’s name.
  9. The financial and official year to commence on 1st November and end 31st October at which date the Financial Secretary shall prepare a Balance Sheet, which, after being audited, shall be presented to the members not later than the club’s AGM.
  10. That the officers of the club shall consist of:

President, Vice-Presidents, Captain, Vice-Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Financial Secretary, Reporting Secretary, Honorary Racing Secretary, Honorary Webmaster, Gazette Editor, Social Secretary who with a committee of up to five members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. That any member of the committee being absent from three consecutive meetings shall, failing satisfactory explanation, lose his/her seat. The committee has the power to fill such a vacancy. This also applies to ex officio members of the committee with the exception of the President and Vice-Presidents.
  2. That the Honorary General Secretary shall have the power to call a Committee meeting whenever he/she may deem it advisable. The quorum for such a meeting shall be five members.
  3. That if the conduct of any member be inconsistent with the character and interest of the club, or obnoxious to the other members, the committee shall have the power, upon the complaint being laid before it and after thoroughly investigating the matter, to expel that member provided a two-thirds majority is reached. Should a member be expelled he or she shall forfeit all interests in the club and shall not be eligible for re-election at any future date.
  4. That all members obey the Captain or Vice-Captain during runs, meets etc. 
  5. That any member of the club wishing to resign shall give notice in writing to the General Secretary before the 1st March, failing which he/she shall be held accountable for his/her subscription for the ensuing year.
  6. That the colours of the club be Black on Gold.
  7. That the committee shall have the power to act as it may deem fit should anything arise not provided for in these rules.
  8. That there be one general meeting held each year, between November and February. The Honorary Secretary shall call a special meeting on a requisition in writing, signed by not less than five members, stating the reason for such meeting, and that each member shall have one week’s notice thereof. Only the business stated on the notice calling the special meeting may be transacted at the meeting.
  9. That none of these rules be altered without the consent of a majority present and voting at a General Meeting.
  10. That the club support any members representing the club in national championships. This may include financial help as defined by the committee, as well as moral backing.
  11. That members pay an annual subscription. Rates as at November 2000 were as follows:
Junior Under 18£10
Juvenile (under 16)£10
HonoraryAt the members’ discretion

These rates to be reviewed at the A.G.M. on acceptance of the treasurer’s report.

  • That committee meetings be open to committee members only and that no other person may attend unless invited by the committee.
  • That every member shall be provided with a copy of these rules, by which he/she shall be bound.

A Special Prize

This will be given to any member who, riding solely under the name of the Anerley Bicycle Club, secures a properly authenticated national record or records, on path or road, or Championship, or record of other recognised record association, in recognition of his or her performance.

Club Rules of Racing

  1. Races are open to all active amateur members of the club. The club prizes are open only to First Claim members.
  2. No member will be allowed to start in any race until he has paid his subscription to the club and entry fee.
  3. Any member riding a time trial shall comply with all current C.T.T. (Ltd.) regulations as specified in their current handbook.
  4. Any member riding a road race or circuit race or track shall comply with all current B.C. regulations as specified in their current handbook.
  5. All results to be sent to the Honorary Racing Secretary, who will maintain Club Racing Records.
  6. All prizes subject to the approval of the committee.
  7. No club record may be set or trophy won other than in an open, semi-open, or club event, furnishing an official start and result sheet.
  8. No ride shall be recognised as a club record unless the rider enters and rides solely under the name of the Anerley Bicycle Club.
  9. All qualifying rides for the Club’s “Best All Rounder” competitions to be on “G’, “H” or “Q” courses. In the event of there being no qualifying rides on these courses, then rides from any area will be accepted.
  10. Members shall pay a fee of £5 for each engraved standard medal claimed.

CLUB EVENTS are events promoted by the Anerley B. C.

Perpetual Challenge Trophies

Appletree ShieldBest All-Rounder (Fastest aggregate on 10/25/50/100 miles & 12 hours)
Ladies BARBest All-Rounder (Fastest aggregate on 10/25/50/100 miles)
Calder Trophy12 hours (Greatest Distance)
R. H. Fry Memorial Cup100 miles
Lawes Cup50 miles
Mountain Memorial Shield25 miles
Old Members CupFastest Anerley rider in the Catford Hill Climb
S. F. Edge New Members CupMost Improved First Year Racing Member
S. F. Edge Brighton & BackRe-awarded for Road Racing
A. J. Cooke Memorial TrophyFastest Anerley rider on handicap in the Moon Trophy
Ann Butler CupLadies Meritorious Cup
Anerley B.C. ShieldSenior 10 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldJunior 10 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldLadies 10 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldLadies 25 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldLadies 50 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldJuvenile 10 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldJuvenile 25 miles
Anerley B.C. ShieldVets Best All Rounder (Fastest aggregate 10 & 25 miles)
Anerley B.C. ShieldClub Runs Attendance (Assessed by Captain)
Anerley B.C. ShieldCriterium Champion
Anerley B.C. ShieldMap Reading
Anerley B.C. ShieldTrack Champion
Anerley B.C. ShieldMerit Award (Awarded by the President)
Anerley B.C ShieldHandicap Events Award
Freewheeling TrophyAnnual Downhill Event
Anerley Darts TrophyClubroom Championship

Club Records


10 milesJ. Dadson199802151
25 milesJ. Dadson199805442
30 milesR. Tully200210724
50 milesR. Tully200615703
100 milesJ. Dadson199841013
12 hoursA. Smith1992238.65 miles
24 hoursW. Birking1934 407.85 miles
London to Brighton/BackW. Birkin193352001
Coulsdon to
J. Turnbull197733157
Hill Climb (Catford)
(Yorks Hill)
R. Tully1998 219

Bicycle – Ladies

10 milesV. Tully199602521
25 milesK. Clements197810402
50 milesG. Glowinski200221647
100 milesG. Glowinski200250402
12 hoursS. J. Charlton1990194.04 miles

Mixed Tandem

10 milesK. E. Herbert
M.W. Herbert
25 milesK. E. Herbert
M.W. Herbert


DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
25 milesJ. F. Jackson195511358
50 milesD. E. S. Kirby193023043
100 milesJ. F. Jackson1955512957
12 hoursJ. F. Jackson1955202.98m  
London to
E. G. Godman193560013

Tricycle – Ladies

DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
10 milesS. J. Charlton199003123
25 milesS. J. Charlton199012246
50 milesS. J. Charlton199024528
100 milesS. J. Charlton199054658
12 hoursS. J. Charlton1990171.577m  
24 hoursS. J. Charlton1990316.270m  

Juniors (Under 18 years of age)


DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
10 milesK. R. Herbert198702413
25 milesK. R. Herbert198710426
50 milesV. Tully199622032

Juveniles (Under 16 years of age)


DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
10 milesK. R. Herbert198702413
25 milesK. R. Herbert198710426
50 milesK. R. Herbert198723104

Mixed Tandem

DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
10 milesK. E. Herbert &
A. Smith
25 milesK. E. Herbert &199005600
50 milesR. F. Cullum &
W. Birking
100 milesR. Edgar &
A. E. Ward
12 hours
(Northern Roads)
P. F. Nosworthy &1903192.50m
12 hours
(Southern Roads)
P. F. Nosworthy &
P. H. Purvis

10 mile – 69″ Gear Challenge

DistanceName Year Hours Minutes Seconds
JuvenilesR. Bradley198802503
JuniorsR. Bradley198802503
SeniorsR. Bradley198802503
LadiesM. Herbert198802832

Club Time Trial

Standard times for medal rides

Senior & Junior10 Mile22.0023.0024.00
Men10 Mile 69″25.3026.3027.30
 25 Mile57.0059.001.02.00
 50 Mile2.
 100 Mile4.
 12 Hour230m210m180m
 24 Hour400m380m350m
Ladies & Junior10 Mile26.0027.0028.00
Ladies10 Mile 69″29.0030.0031.00
 25 Mile1.
 50 Mile2.
 100 Mile5.
 12 Hour190m170m150m
Juveniles10 Mile25.0026.0028.00
 10 Mile 69″27.0028.0030.00
 25 Mile1.
 50 Mile2.
Tandem10 Mile22.0023.0024.00
 25 Mile57.0059.001.01.00
 50 Mile2.
 100 Mile4.
 12 Hour190m180m160m
Mixed Tandem10 Mile25.0056.0027.00
 25 Mile1.
Men10 Mile26.0027.0029.00
 25 Mile1.
 50 Mile2.
 100 Mile5.
 12 Hour200m190m170m
Ladies10 Mile32.0033.0035.00
 25 Mile1.
 50 Mile2.
 100 Mile5.
 12 Hour170m160m140m
 24 Hour310m290m260m

Club Rides

All Sunday runs start from the Shurgard Building, Brighton Road, South Croydon at 9.00 am. unless stated. Tuesday and Thursday runs start at the Shurguard building at 10.00 am unless stated.

The rides are open to non-members for a few introductory runs, then membership of the Club would be required. If riders are unsure of their fitness or competence of group riding practice, advice will be given. All runs are led by an experienced and responsible person. The Club rides as a group so no one is left behind. The rides are planned so as to keep to quiet lanes and will avoid main road as much as possible. Lunch stops are often at country pubs.

Riders are responsible for their own safety. They are expected to observe cycling etiquette as well as the Highway Code. Riders are also expected to show consideration to other road users such as horse riders, pedestrians, animals, cars and other vehicles as well as other cyclists.

The Club or its individual members will not be held responsible and will not accept liability if any rider (Club member or non-Club member) has an accident while on a ride with the Anerley Bicycle Club. In case of a mechanical breakdown of a rider’s bicycle, if repairs cannot be done on the spot, the rider is responsible for making his/her own way back. Riders are requested to bring enough money to get home in case of emergencies.

At least one rider on every Clubrun will have a mobile phone.

Riders are expected to be self-sufficient. Each rider should bring a pump, puncture repair kit, at least one inner tube, waterproof clothing and a small amount of food in case of an emergency. Although the Club has many experienced members who will always help in case of mechanical failure or breakdown, it is up to every individual rider to ensure that he/she has a roadworthy bicycle.

1881     1881     1881    1881    1881

Other Subjects: AGM 2021 Reports

To Add Fran’s Secretary’s Report and Steve Braddicks Tour Report.

Also no Annual Accounts sheet provided with report by George

 Club captain speech.

This is my fourth speech as captain; it should have been five, but we all know what happened. Some of you will know this is my second period of cycling with the club. I was a member from 1989 to 1998, a golden period of cycling when we all rode steel bikes. As bikes have evolved, so has the club. Back in these times, the club had many young members- me included- In fact, the whole Croydon youth games team were Anerley riders. I didn’t really leave the club; I just stopped racing due to asthma & stopped going on club runs because I felt I had nothing to train for. In these wilderness years, I took up a new competitive sport which I greatly enjoyed & ended up fairly good at. This also made me a more confident person as I had to teach people too.         

When I came back to the Anerley in 2012, there were few faces I recognised: John & Meike, Des, Bryne, John Dadson & Ewa – the hard core of the club. The club, however, rode in a different way; more of a leisurely pace, the average age had shot up, no young faces anymore. I looked at other clubs & still wonder why the Anerley has few younger faces. I believe that this is something we need to work on! The club just seemed to me to be stuck in the same way of doing things – it was rare to get a new face on the runs and I realised that something had to be done.   

After about a year I took over the Thursdays ride from Des. He went walking the dog. Byne was the only person racing & he had gotten tired of polishing trophies as racing secretary, so I took on the role. At first it was easy – no one was racing! We had a meeting about what to do with are long distance trophies which hadn’t been awarded for years, and it was decided to award the 50,100, & 12 hour Trophies for sportives & long-distance challenges as well as races. We also decided to do an unofficial 10-mile TT around Godstone & a hill climb. Now I was getting busy.

 I had been told by more than one member that we are just a touring club. I did not agree with this & started making the Thursday ride a faster training ride. We tried to make changes with riders taking turns on the front & riding in pairs, although this was not always a success. We had a yearly track session to improve riders’ ability to ride in a bunch. This was successful and is something we will reinstated next year.                                                                           

The new club kit was another issue. No one could agree on the design for years, even before I re-joined in 2012.  Finally, we agreed on a design & got it made. Of course, we had to change to a new supplier because the quality wasn’t great. Meike had said to me on more than one occasion that she & John had driven behind the club, and riders were all over the place – not singling out, stopping at junctions and having a chat clearly.  Things needed to change.                     

So about 5 years ago I  took over as club captain from Tom V. An ex-member at Bryn’s funeral had said to me, ‘well if you hang around long enough, it was inevitable you would be Captain’. He didn’t know I had been in the wilderness for so long. I set about changing a few things – the start time, it seemed to me was too early especially in winter. We also stopped twice on a Sunday, and it wasn’t uncommon to start at 9am and get home at 5pm. So, the start time went to 10am & we just had the one lunch stop at 12 and then rode home. The group size had become an issue; sometimes over 25 riders in one line on the same road which was clearly a danger to us and drivers. This number was also very hard for a leader to control. So, we started two groups on some days mainly Sundays and Tuesdays. About this time Peter S also started the Saturday group. So now we could offer four days a week, different speeds, different styles of rides. We started getting new faces join again. Some of these new riders were very good, having ridden with other groups. So, a list of ride leaders was formed; this was and should be under the control of the captain. If there was a problem with the way a rider was riding, the ride leader could come to me, and I would have a chat with them.                                         

We also wanted the club to be more visible locally, so riders were encouraged to ride in club kit.  We participated in several local shows; we had flyers made as well as banners, and as a result we have become very successful in getting new members to join. The more members you have the more skills you get. I started the club tour up again going to the New Forest, Norfolk, and this year the Isle of Arran & the Lakes. John Dadson and I also toured Mull & Skye

Mark Hancock

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Vince – Ride Register Report


Previously rides were notified to members via a weekly Newsletter, giving details of Ride Leader, Venue.

Riders just turned up at Shurgard meeting point.

A weekly ride would consist of:

Tuesday were around 15 – 20 people in 2 or 3 groups.

Thursday would have been a small group of 4 – 6

Saturdays 4 – 6 riders.

Sundays a couple of  groups with around 4 or 5 in each.

Four riding days out of a possible seven available days.

With a ‘turn up & ride’ system it was difficult to ‘plan’ rides based on ability, as rider numbers were unknown plus number of groups were dependant on Ride Leaders available.

Extract from Ride Report:

Tuesday Ride: 20th Aug 2019

A beautiful sunny day resulted in probably the best attendance for a club ride this year. I am told that a head count made it 29 at the tea stop.

The 29 riders were split into groups of 9 + 10 + 10.

Along comes Covid

It was necessary to have a system that was sufficiently flexible to meet ever changing legal requirements.

The current Register is the second major design with a number of smaller upgrades based on experience.

Instead of four available days we now have seven.

Groups are smaller, up to eight, which needs more Ride Leaders.

The smaller groups are easier to manage & are hopefully ‘motorist friendly’. The smaller groups are far more disciplined with experience being gained on every ride. Communication through the group is also easier.

The main ride days are now:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

By far the busiest day is Tuesday, followed by Saturday / Sunday. Friday is also beginning to build up.

Ride Tuesday 16 Nov = 23 riders (5 Grps). Steady X 4 & Gravel / Trail x 1

No Des ride which would normally be 8 riders.

It’s not unusual to have multiple groups of up to eight per group.

I think it’s important to remember that WhatsApp, as a means of communication, has played an important part in the success of the Register.

As the size of group plus ability of riders can be seen before the ride, it’s easier for Ride Leaders to communicate & plan a successful ride(s).

We now have various meeting points plus are able to arrange a ride at the last minute, if those still working suddenly have a free day.

Technical Requirements

From a rider point of view it’s a simple case of inserting your name. However, the development of the Register required consideration of:

– Rider technical ability.

– Various devices, smartphones, tablets, computers being used.

– Various operating systems, OS, Android.

Anerley B C ‘atmosphere’.

The club has become ‘fragmented’ due to the smaller groups / meeting points & there is a danger of members losing touch. Although rides now meet at different locations & travel at different speeds there is no reason why the venue cannot be the same where everyone can meet for a chat – it only needs careful planning.


From my own point of view, as someone who hasn’t a clue how to get from A to B, the provision on the Register for Ride Leaders to Post the route is a great asset. It gives me greater confidence knowing how to get to where I’m going. More importantly, if I am teamed with another Ride Leader (large group) it’s comforting to know their not too far away.

We all have different strengths & weaknesses. Ideally, those with the ability to help others should be utilised.


1881     1881     1881    1881    1881

George Leung – Treasurer and Membership Report

As a summary of the state of the club finance (see attached spread sheet)**
* The club has £2,818.39 in its account.
* There are 94 Anerley members on my list (which include 2 Japanese guests)
13 New Members
* All members paid the annual subs (except 2)

* There was other monies 
collection (flowers and hampers) for 2 members following their cycling accidents …and various other bits like renewal 
CTT affiliation and hall hiring.

Editor’s Note  **not attached!