1 Life, 2 Wheels, 3 Feet!

Jeremy’s bike jerseys have obviously created quite a bit of interest, going by the comments on the web page at http://anerleybc.org/new-club-jersey-design/
I thought that I might bring another bike jersey to your attention.  One which has a very relevant message for cyclists to promote.




 Having had many, frightening , elbow brushing moments with cars, lorries and buses, now this is a cycling jersey that I would wear!




 The 3 Feet Please Campaign was started in the U.S in about 2008 and has really taken off, not only with cyclists, but now also with state legislatures.  Nineteen states in the U.S have passed laws which require motor vehicles to allow a minimum of 3 ft clearance when passing cyclists.  And Safe-Passing bills are currently on the table in several more states.

Of course, passing a law does not mean that people will obey it.  The use of mobile phones in vehicles is a good example of a sensible law which is largely ignored and not properly policed!
Detractors point out that, like our mobile phone laws, the Safe Passing laws are difficult to enforce.  However when an accident does occur, the vehicle driver is almost always automatically deemed to be at fault.

On a very practical level, and regardless of whether or not we have appropriate legislation in the U.K, mass wearing by cyclists of these cycle tops can provide an important educational message and reminder to other road users.  It is a message that cycle campaigners, commuters and others riders could very usefully advertise. And doesn’t this make a short, snappy, road safety slogan:

3 Feet Please 

Boris always likes to be the centre of attention. Wouldn’t it be great if Boris were to ride his bike wearing a “3 feet please” bike top, and so promote safer roads in London.  He could at least get TfL to promote a  UK based campaign.

Unfortunately the UK based campaign (at http://3feetplease.org.uk/) sells pink buttons which I would definitely NOT wear, rather than the very sensible bike tops of our American cousins. Their web site is at http://www.3feetplease.com/  This web site is well worth a visit to see  how successful their campaigning has been in just a few short years.

2 thoughts on “1 Life, 2 Wheels, 3 Feet!

  • November 19, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    If someone has access to the good Mayor and can get his size, I will glady send you a jersey to give to him.

    Joe Mizereck
    The “3 Feet Please” Campaign

    • November 19, 2011 at 9:16 pm

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your comment and offer, both of which are greatly appreciated.
      You obviously know who Boris is! That will massage his ego to know that his reputation has spread to the cycling community in the U.S of A.
      I will certainly pass your offer onto him with the hope that he will respond favourably.
      Will definitely let you know what happens.
      Transport for London (TfL) spend £millions on cycle routes, many miles of which are covered by parked cars. Not very cost effective!
      Your idea for educating drivers and promoting safer cycling with cycle jerseys, is so simple and cost effective. I do hope the idea catches on here.

      Des Donohoe of Anerley Bicycle Club.


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