Tuesday Rides: 18th February 2020

Two stormy weekends meant a big turnout for Tuesday. 25 and counting. For once all three rides started at 10 or thereabouts. The Kent & Surrey Golf Club near Edenbridge was our target.

The Steadies despite John Di’s decent pace managed to come in last and were relegated to the back of a very long and slow queue. I reckon it took me 30 mins to get one cup of tea (as a person who will not be named here but whose name has now been put on the puncture fairy list) stole the last remaining slice of cake.

It was apposite that having braved the final breezes of Storm Dennis our table got round to wind power and the fact it was generating a third of our electricity and that moment. You can check out the current situation here: https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/

Rgrttably none of that would be helping us to get home. The Steadies having come via Toys Hill returned via Marden Park for a total of 39.67 miles at a very respectable 12.29 mph.