Tuesday Ride: 8th May

Another dull day but at least it was dry!
Five of us set off from Purley, it was good to see Ricky again after his temporary absence, and Jeremy again joined the Tuesday Riders, although only for a short ride upto the top of  the ridge by Botley Hill Farm as he had an appointment later in the day. 
It is just past Botley Hill Farm that we joined a 2000 year old Roman road which leads from London to Lewes.  Edenbridge was our destination and our route paralleled this Roman military road.  One of the purposes of the road was to give access to the iron ore in the Sussex Weald, a much valued resource for armour and weaponry of the Roman Legions.

The course of the Roman road can be traced on O.S maps and evidence of it can still be seen at various points along its route.  For example Roman artifacts were uncovered during construction works at Clacketts Lane Services on the M25, and are on display there.  Edenbridge exists because it was here that the Romans built the first bridge to carry their road over the river, and Edenbridge High Street is part of this ancient roadway.
 Below are some of Anerley’s finest crossing the present day Eden Bridge and displaying a more modern and peaceful use for iron age technology.

For many years now the Tuesday Riders have been visiting the Bridges Centre which is charity tea room run by local volunteers.  It offers a good cuppa and a choice of food at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately it is not open on Sundays. The photos below show what you weekend riders are missing!








Our round trip to Edenbridge was some 35 miles (miles being a word given to us by the Roman Legions) and not a drop of rain!
So next week it is back to the Surrey Hills, providing the rain stays away, and meet at Tesco, Purley at 10.

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