Tuesday Ride: 29th May 2018


Possibly rain before 10. Dry after. All three apps said that and it was indeed drying up fast on the ride down to the start of a combined A+B ride as Capt’n Tom was away. By Coulsdon the roads were even dry.

But then the Coulsdon mob were packing rainclouds. It started as a dribble, came harder, paused just long enough to encourage some disrobing and repeated. At least four times on the outward leg through Little Switzerland and up Westhumble to Polesden Lacey. The smiles above may be a little forced.

Sally led us back – this time with no pauses in the rain. Up Box Hill and back through Coulsdon. 38.15 miles back to the start point and then the heavens really opened. The wettest ride in a long while.