Tuesday ladies on tour to Canterbury and Whitstable


Tuesday morning at 7.30am Denise, Sandy, Jenny and Sally together with Su from Dorking CC met at Sureguard to follow Capt Tom’s lovely route to Canterbury.

We had a leisurely ride down there with 3 scheduled stops and a good few more to admire the wonderful views and take lots of photos. To avoid a lengthy detour we broke through a section of closed road while no one was looking, neatly re arranging the barriers to carry the bikes through. Don’t tell Anyone!

We arrived at our Airbnb (amazing) at 5pm, to be greeted with Prosecco all round and 70 miles on the clock. A quick wash and brush up followed by a fish dinner completed the day.

On Wed, 3 of us cycled to Whitstable and back on the Crab & Winkle Way, a disused railway line adding another 19 miles on the clock. We rode back today battling strong head winds and the afore mentioned closed road but this time we had to sweet talk the miserable looking road workers to let us nip through the barriers again. We smiled sweetly and said we were riding to Croydon and would get lost if we couldn’t get through the closure and got the grumpy response “bloody hell you must be mad but go on then”

Result! (and quite an astute observation). 69 miles added to the clock.

I’m pleased to say there were no dramas other than a misplaced purse which will soon be reunited with its owner thanks to the lovely Airbnb man who definately went the “extra mile” for us.