Thursday Ride: 20th October 2016


A larger number of 9 responded to the enticing prospect of riding with gradient amnesiac Dave. Role call as follows: Karen, Julia, myself (Belinda), Bryan, Barrie, new Phil, new Dave and Tuesday Paul.

We headed for Bike Beans via the most convoluted route known to man; taking in both How lane and the drag up to Kingswood, mainly because Dave “felt like it”. Both Julia and Phil turned for home before we reached the café where hopalong Mark, Mieke and Jon were waiting for us. I had a lovely slice of cherry Bakewell cake which set me up for the ride home. We rode back through little Switzerland where Barrie and Bryan had a free ride courtesy of my wheel, leaving me with a knee trembler! Boxhill next, Barrie, myself then Bryan up first then home via Kingswood. I had 46m on my speedo, 13.2 mph ave , lovely ride. Thankyou Dave.