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Sunday Ride: 9th December 2018


Another Sunday defying the forecast. It rained continuously for the first two hours as five of us rode through a miserable landscape looping souththrough Headley and Cobham into Weybridge following the Thames back through Walton the cricket club at East Molesey. The sun was now making a belated appearance lighting up the houseboats across the river.

Time to wring out our gloves!

Good cake, decent prices, good service and an endless supply of amazing anecdotes from Barry. How the IRA blew him up twice, birdshot in Tescos and how to improvise a flamethrower in a kitchen. Also a place to ‘celebrate’ your divorce?

Saddling up for the return:

Maybe sunnier but certainly no warmer. Tom, who was standing in for Mark, took a more direct route back through Esher where Barry repaired a puncture in record time, and the many backstreets of Epsom. Oh, and Barry conced that a heavy mountain bike was not ideal for getting up & down steps across the railway.

51.34 miles at 12.06 mph.