Sunday Ride: 8th December 2013

St Nicholas CoE Godstone Surrey

Good day but only four. Up and over Caterham and passed the windmill in to Copthorne Village and the gentler ascent to Tulleys Farm.

It was less of a farm and more of a depleted forest with the central area taken over completely by a huge tent and the sellling of christmas trees. We eventually found our way to tea and (chocolate) cake. Its half way to Brighton, the sun was shining and no headwind. But there was a reluctance to press on, have a dip in the sea and catch the train home.

Still the wizz down Turners Hill is always good as we trailed back to the smoke via Godstone where we passed St Nicholas’s at just 12.35 as can be verified in the picture above. The absence of Jeremy is leading ABC into temperance land. Is this a good idea?