Sunday Ride: 27th July 2014

Tulley's Eleven

Eleven made the early eight o’clock start up Farthing Down and onto Tulley’s Farm for tea and cake. On we went down to Handcross and Warninglid when a sign post caught my eye:

Jeremy's Lane

Undiverted we pressed on to the South Downs and the horror that is Devil’s Dyke with its multiple false summits. This one wasn’t and we relaxed to our first view of the sea and Brighton:

Anerley BC at Devil's Dyke

Down, down, down into the town and onto the front for lunch in front of Brighton Pier:

Brighton Pier

Fish, chips & mushy peas for £5.50 …

Jim & Chips

Four took the train and after a bit of a kerfuffle involving a demo seven returned by downing Ditchling and the ever delightful Slugwash Lane to Lindfield and back to Turner’s Hill to find the most motionless barman of the year before taking the Marden Park route back to Purley.

Telephone box to telephone was about 98 miles so all the returnees should have clocked the imperial ton on the day.

Meanwhile the following day …