Sunday Ride: 22nd September 2013


Four of us set out from Shurguard. Up and over Farthing Down and avoiding the fly tipping in the narrow lane afore Chaldon. Down Downs and a wiggle past Redhill Aerodrome. Our approach to Horley was interrupted by a familair rider in the opposite direction. Adding Gina to the crew we followed our leader in a daring defiance of the NCN (non-cycling) cycleway under Horley station to the gentle blowing of a burglar alarm outside Waitrose.

Des was inside and had already navigated the strange Cafe system. So six of us set out towards Lingfield shedding Des & Ewa (going back quick) and Gina (just going too quick) ending up at The Plough. Our abstemious Glaswegian declined a barrel of Irn-Bru and headed home leaving Jeremy, Ricki and me to ponder this sign …