Sunday Ride: 18th September 2016

A visit to Peaslake Stores is a guarantee of Surrey Hills. Having taken the lazy way down the zigzag at Boxhill we carried on through Denbies and up the lazy way to Ranmore common through the vineyard. Yes, lazy but very pretty.

The road from Ranmore Common down to Abinger Hammer features a nasty U bend and Barry came off his bike leaving his knee matching the TJ Quick for colour if not style. He of course shrugged it off and carried on with the up and down chase to Peaslake where we sat in the warm sunshine nursing mugs of tea, pasties and cake.

The return home was not so exciting because I chose a flattish route back through Ewhurst, Ockley and Newdigate. The gang sat down for a rest and a beer while Barry and I made our way home.

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