Sunday Ride: 14th April 2013

Ewa disabled

The first real day of summer. Jim led us along Jeremy’s favoured Botley deviation but not after having to fix Ewa’s undercarriage department in full view of Warlingham Sainsburys …

Down Clarks Lane and along the Pilgrims Way to another deviation. This time it was from the now closed Shoreham Station Cafe to the old faithful Shoreham Air Museum. John & Meike had reserved seating in the gardens where we were entertained to flying aeri^H^H^H^H parasol display due to a sudden strong updraught. It hung in the air for several seconds maybe 50 ft above us – giving the brave helmetless ones food for thought about where its imminent descent might end.

The proprietor, on reclaiming the errant flying machine, quickly dismasted the remainder at what was a pleasant interlude before the sharp ascent east of Shoreham.

Shoreham Tea Stop

Here you intrepid reporter found the fitness had not returned from his recent illness and had to plod slowly up on granny gear. Descents were no problem and the remaining riders Jim, Jeremy, Brian, Ricki and myself soon made the Chequers in Heaverham.

Jim rode on while I basked short sleeved and shorted in the wonderful afternoon sun beer in hand putting the other three to rights on the subject of ceremonial funerals.

Oh England can never be bettered on days like that.

I returned slowly frustrated that the other three were too gallant to ‘drop me’ and eventually got home with a shade under 60 miles on the clock. (The extra 13+ miles were an unhelpful addition due to Sunday maintenance on the railway).