Sunday Ride: 13th July 2014

Cooling Garden Centre and the Bucks Head – Report written by Pete (many thanks).

Eight people met at the start Ewa, Tom, Frank, Bob. Graham (leader), Christian ( from Croydon cc) Mark and Pete.

The route took us out to Coolings Garden centre in Knockholt via Botley hill and plenty of other hills for a pleasant tea break, but a rather odd queuing system. Several of us patiently waited in line to reach the serving point only to be told we couldn’t order hot food unless we had a table number!!!!!!
The choice was find a table and join the lengthy queue at the back, or settle for something cold. We took the cold option to find a tiny pot of strawberry jam to go with a scone was an additional 75 pence.

We had lost Bob somewhere on route near Botley Hill (hope you’re ok Bob)  and the group split after tea with some heading straight back. Ewa, Graham, Tom and Pete continued to the Bucks Head pub at Godden Green. The forecast had been for intermittent showers which we managed to dodge but did spot plenty of wet roads as evidence of earlier heavy rain. By the time we reached the Bucks Head the sun was shining and we had a very pleasant drink outside overlooking the duck pond.

We were met at the Bucks Head by ( Graham’s wife) and Graham chose to accept the lift home, leaving Ewa to take on the responsibility of captain and lead Pete and Tom ( who didn’t have a clue where they were) back to Purley via the Pilgrims way and our old friend Botley Hill.

Total distance for me door to door from Purley was 49.87 miles, frustratingly missing the 50 once again.