Sunday Ride: 10th September 2017

A good turnout of 11 riders despite the absentee tourists who are enjoying the painful weather in France.

Guest riders Yoshi and Hitoshi joined us from Japan and easily managed to keep up as we rolled over the big hills of Kent.

As Jim reminded me that Beddlestead Lane was shut, I chose to go up Ide Hill and Goathurst Common instead of my usual method of getting to Hildenborough.┬áThe downhill section from Bayley’s Hill is one of my favourites and brought us out at Weald and our final destination of Kelly Holmes Cafe 1809. She needs to have a word with the staff there because the service is a really painful experience.

Photos hijacked from Hitoshi’s Facebook page…

Coming home meant Crockham Hill and as nobody wanted to go to the pub we split up into smaller and smaller fractions before I arrived back in Purley on my own.

The fast boys (and girl) bumped into our long lost Ewa Bowie at Marden Park and helped to fix her puncture…