Sunday Ride 10th February 2013


Two Captains “old” and “new” turnout out on a grey, damp and cool Sunday morning for the ride to Tulley’s Farm. The lack of interest by other club members was put down to the over indulgence in Scholer, beef bourguignon and banoffee pie at the club’s annual dinner, (and very nice it was too).

Jeremy and Jim took an executive decision to head to Redhill aerodrome for tea and rock cakes at. On the way home the gallant two came across just before Marden Park a damsel (cyclist) looking for the nearest station. She and a friend (who wasn’t to be seen) had set out to ride to Brighton!! She claimed to be wet, cold and miserable. The damsel was escorted to Woldingham station for the next train to Victoria.

Even though returning wet and cold from the cycle the two riders felt righteous and refreshed.

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