Saturday Ride: 23rd December 2017


It seems a lot of mince pies ago now, when six of us set out to Bike Beans at Ashtead. It was the day before Christmas Eve and the last proper shopping day before the big event so motorists were in a hurry.

Not good timing therefore that a local family had organised what looked like a commemorative run for a young lad, past the Downs and into Epsom. The young runners were going at barely a slow jogging pace and held up a long and impatient queue of traffic behind them. Sad that the occasion might have been, however, it did provide the opportunity for us to glide past a particularly angry man in a black Peugeot (that’s him featured in the photo) who had aggressively cut us up, horn blaring, a mile or so earlier. Khama.

Heading back via Kingswood we spotted some of the poshest (but still tacky) Christmas lights ever.

A shorter, steadier ride than normal, 30 miles at 10.5 mph