How to make an E-Bike

Converting an ordinary bike by Vince H

My Pat has been having problems cycling with pain in her knee, so I decided to convert her Hybrid to an eBike.

Having hired & tried a number of different eBikes & researching, it was obvious that the best eBike was one having the motor mid bike with direct chain drive.

However, the cost of a decent eBike with direct chain drive motor was high.

I was told it was easy to convert Pat’s bike. So I thought I would give it a go, ordered basically two parts, battery with rack & Bafang motor.

In fact turned out easier to convert than I thought.

Total cost £790

Special tools – if you did not already have them, would cost approx £30 (always handy to keep), the cost of which is easily recoverable from savings made. The remainder of tools you need, you should already have if you own a bike.

Skill Level – depends how practical you are.

Knowledge – there are plenty of good YouTube videos that will give you both information how to fit items & confidence to do it.

Enjoyment – for me, it gave great pleasure & satisfaction when finished. Even greater satisfaction when it actually worked & Pat went zipping up the road.