Getting Shirty


This year’s AGM grappled with the ultimate question. What shirt are we going to have?

Every suggestion had divided the club. Even whether we should stick with gold & black. President Meike in frustration did a back of envelop sketch and handed it to Brian P to make real. Four days later this design went the rounds. This time the reception has been universally positive:

“can you do 1881 in an interesting italic font a la 1664” ~ Gina

“Zip goes up to the top of the collar for chilly days. Common for many shirts.
Collar preferably at least 4 cm wide” ~ Frank K

“Looks good, well done Brian. If one of the pockets at the back could have a zip, it would be even better” ~ Jim M

“Well done! I like it – where shall I send my cheque?? ;)” ~ Julia B

“Fast work Brian, hope the momentum continues and we might get a new jersey soon!” ~ Des D

“I like it too! Looks good Brian!” ~ Tom V