Changing Winter Ride Times

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I am about to compile the next runs list and the question as to whether we should change the Sunday run start time comes to my mind again.

I accept that this was voted for at an AGM 3 year ago and a majority wanted to keep the later start time between November and March. However, i was not Captain at the time so therefore not able to put the weight of my position (such that it is!) into the campaign.

My argument for keeping the 9 am time throughout the year is as follows:-

1. The clocks go back at about the same time to GMT so in effect we meet an hour later in any case. so an extra half an hour is not significant.

2. Starting half an hour later mean we have half an hour less day light at the end of the day. This limits the length of club runs in december and January.

3. The change in November and march causes confusion in particular to new people.

4. Languishing in bed leads to the dark side ! ( (-:) smiley face, LOL, etc).

The only advantage, it seems to me, of the have a later time in winter is that it the risk of ice is reduced. However, in my experience if it is frosty then it does not thaw until much later in the morning in any case, so we still have to manage the risk.

I would be grateful if everyone can give my proposal some thought and send me your views on the matter. We can obviously discuss at the AGM and put it again to the vote.


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