At Last the 2003 Show

Anerley BC Club Handbook

Ladies and Gentlemen – Hold on to your Saddles!

A long lost floppy disk has finally been recovered from the deepest caverns of my filing system. It has been dusted down. An equally ancient XP computer has been carefully restored and persuaded to read it. The result is our 2003 Club Handbook. The printed version was given to all new members so they would know the rules. More importantly they would know who had gone before them – and at what speed!

So open up the link below and feast your eyes on page 8: Club Records. Our own John D doing 100 miles in 4:10:13 and going back to 1934 W Birkin doing 407.87 miles in just 24 hours. there’s more:

Club Handbook PDF (opens in a new window)

A revised up to date one will be coming soon. However, those records will probably still all stand unless you get motoring.