Anerley’s Glitterati.

At the Club’s A.G.M of 2015 it was suggested that the awarding of the Club’s many historic cups and trophies should be reconsidered. Over the years the interests of the active members have changed, as has the membership. As a consequence the criteria for which the awards were made should reflect these changes. This suggestion was subsequently discussed, considered, and proposals voted upon at a Special General Meeting. The results of these changes were reflected in awarding trophies at the Club’s Annual Dinner and Prize Giving in February 2016. The following write up and photos are from our new Racing Secretary, Mark Hancock. So over to you Mark:

2015 menu 1

Lots of new members have joined Anerley B.C. during the last 12 months, so  it was a very well attended club dinner on Saturday with 30 members present. A lovely meal was provided by Jill, ably assisted by her partner, Brian Penny, who also happens to be our Club Treasurer. There was a main course selection to choose from, beef with horse radish sauce, or chestnut and mushroom bourguignon, followed by warm chocolate brownie, or cheesecake, or if you so fancied, a baby pavlova. We all really enjoyed the meal, enlivened by the cross toasting stories of John Turnbull, Tom Vaz and John Dadson. Then it was onto the main event of the evening – the Annual Prize Giving.  Meike as President of the Anerley presented and I, as the new Club Racing Secretary assisted.

So ladies first, and to a very deserving winner, the Ann Butler Cup went to Maggie Parker for her competitive placing in the now epic, Prudential Ride London.


Our next lady was  Julia Barnes who won the magnificent Calder Shield as a result of being first lady, or should that be fastest lady, in the revived  club annual hill climb.


Gina Brown won the  women’s award for being our fastest lady in the Prudential Ride London, but as Gina did not attend the Club Dinner, no picture of her getting the award, or the trophy!

Next onto the men. A good start for a new boy, Tom Moody, who was awarded two prizes.  First, the “A” Shield for Best Attendance at Club Rides, but more importantly the Old Boy’s Cup now rejuvenated and awarded to the Most Improved Newcomer.

tom tom

And just to show that our longer serving members still have it in their legs, Jeremy Hammond won the S.F. Edge Challenge Cup for the men’s hill climb.


Brian Penny took off his chef’s hat to prove that he is a steamer in more ways than one, to pick up the Anerley cup for the Club’s 10 mile time trial.


And last but by no means least, it was our Club Captain’s turn. One of our  oldest and most historic trophies, awarded for an achievement of special merit. Tom Vaz earned this by his 1,285 mile solo ride over the Alps to Rome, to raise money for the South East Cancer Help Centre.  The magnificent trophy held by Tom, the Appletree Shield, is over 100 years old.  As might be expected it also has a very interesting history which can be seen on our web site

Tom V wins

It is a great shame that Jim Medway did not make it to this annual, special event as he would have received three  awards, the Lawes cup for best 50 mile plus sportive, the Fry Memorial Trophy for best Prudential Ride London for men, and the President’s Award of Merit.  So no photos of Jim, or these trophies!


Whilst on the subject of the Annual Dinner and Prize Giving, we should not forget the many years of input to our Club, by the previous Racing Secretary, Bryn Tulley.  Not only was he a long time active racer, but he also holds the Club record for the most crashes!
However another function that might be overlooked, was his very many years of producing the Dinner menu. It was he who in recent times, introduced themed menus.  Each theme being related to an event in the long history of our Club and taken from an item in the Anerley Gazette.

As reported and pictured above, Tom Moody won the Old Boy’s Cup.  There is a story about this cup going back to 1905, and Bryn used a part of this for his first themed menu – the Old Boy’s Runs of 1913 and 1939. Many of the “boys” never returned from the horrors of W.W.I  and W.W.II which each started in the following years.

din 2

This year, Jeremy won the S.F. Edge Challenge Cup which was presented to our Club by S.F, who in 1889 set a record for the London to Brighton and Back ride. Edge went on to break his own record several times in later years.  So inspired by Bryn’s idea, this year the theme was: To Brighton and back – record breaking.

Scan - CopyThe Last Attempt!
It was a cold Saturday morning, at 4.45 hrs on 14th July 1977, when the first of the Anerley pair, Norman Greig, kicked away from the time keeper beneath the rail bridge by Coulsdon South Railway Station. Thirty minutes later, John Turnbull being the second challenger, set off. Each rider was followed by a car with an observer to ensure that all traffic lights were obeyed, no other infringements occurred and no unfair advantage taken.

At the Brighton Pier roundabout a race marshal provided cheerful greetings and encouragement to each rider as they headed back over both the South and North Downs to the finish line at Coulsdon. An added spur to their record breaking ambitions was that now a favourable S.W. wind urged them on.

First away and hence first home was Norman Greig, and greatly cheered he was to learn that all his hours of effort were rewarded with a record breaking ride. Now the minutes ticked by and the wait for rider number two, who remember, had set off 30 minutes after Norman.

Suffice to say, that 38 years on, Norman still holds the club record for the Coulsdon to Brighton and Back, but unfortunately for him, his record is for holding this record for the shortest time!  For only 19 minutes and 12 seconds after completing his record breaking ride, John Turnbull stormed home to eclipse Norman’s briefly held record by 10 minutes and 48 seconds!

And for the record, John Turnbull’s ride is after more than 38 years, still the club record.  And due to ever worsening traffic, likely to remain so ad infinitum!