About the Anerley

Anerley is where we began in 1881 but now we ride from South Croydon into the third millennium!

The club now has a programme of three regular rides a week to match a wide range of ability:

The TUESDAY RIDE is the most popular, easiest and is mainly composed of a mixture of shift workers and retired taking a gentle ride of around 30 miles into Surrey & Kent. More information here: https://anerleybc.org/tuesday-ride/

The THURSDAY RIDE is a tougher ride usually taking in a hill or three at a brisker pace but short enough to be back by the end of lunch. More information here: https://anerleybc.org/thursday-ride/

The SUNDAY RIDE is our classic ride. The ride splits after the tea stop to return directly or go on to a country pub. This gives an opportunity to do around 30 miles or go on to 50 or 60 miles. More information here: https://anerleybc.org/sunday-ride/

All the rides have one rule in common – we don’t drop anyone. If you can cycle comfortable for 20 miles on your own then you should have no trouble doing 30 in a group especially on the TUESDAYS & SUNDAYS. If you find those easy then stretch yourself on a THURSDAY.

Some of us do occasional longer rides in the summer to the coast and even returns to get our ‘imperial tons’. The more enthusiastic also do Sportives and Time Trials. We also do summer Tours in the UK and France.

We have an illustrious past being one of (if not the oldest) continuously active clubs in the UK. We are now growing and expanding the choices of things to do. We would love you to join us in the fun!

There is NO dress code. Wear a helmet or not, club gear or baggy shorts and a T-shirt. Whatever suits you. Your £10,000 Compagnolo will be admired but a hybrid, Brompton or Moulton is equally welcome. Indeed anything that will get you there.

No need to register or anything. Just turn up at the meeting point and introduce yourself. Don’t forget to bring a pump and a couple of tubes. Have a few rides without any obligation to see how it suits you. If you are happy club membership is £15/£10 (cons) per annum. This also entitles you to be come a CTC/Cycling UK affiliate member at a reduced fee and the companionship of the friendliest club in London.

Cycling Weekly profiled the Anerley in their ‘Ride with’ series. Do read it here: https://anerleybc.org/cycling-weekly-profile/