2018 AGM Report

Summary of AGM held at SLH club in Coulsdon on 11/11/18

Please note this is a summary and not a blow by blow account of everything that was said. Elected members reports were typed out and I am sure if any of you would like specific details of any report, the relevant members would oblige.

20 members were present with a further 12 sending their apologies. Below are key points which absent members may find useful to know.

Tom V was elected as Vice President, Mark H as Club Captain and Fran Stedman as Club Secretary. All other elected members remained in their posts for the coming year.

• The importance of carrying ID cards was discussed and Tom V agreed to create ID cards for members. He said he would be in touch via e-mail requesting personal information including medical details and next of kin details.

• Tom V reported on the year as a club captain, and discussion ensued as to the problems occurring when large numbers of cyclists turn out for the Tuesday rides. Start times were reviewed but it was decided that keeping a 9.30 and a 10.00 start time is best.

• Mark H presented the Racing Secretary’s report after which he encouraged more members to enter time trials. He especially wanted some of the ladies to enter and encouraged them to speak to himself or Barry F if they were interested.

• George L presented the Treasurers Report, and since the finances were healthy Tom V proposed that the club annual dinner be subsidised so that members only paid £20 per head. Mark H suggested that a vote should be taken to subsidise club kit again. Members voted and both motions were passed. This has now to be agreed by the club exec committee.

• George L also presented the Membership Report. Steve B suggested having an Anerley information form for members to complete which would ensure the club had key information about its members.

• There was no official Social Secretary’s report. The Anerley Christmas dinner is on Tuesday 11th December at 12.30pm. Mark H said he would also organise a Christmas dinner, and Belinder W said that she would advertise the date of her ‘Open House’ Christmas party soon.

• Stuart G presented the Webmaster’s Report, and there was acknowledgment amongst the members that whilst Anerley BC was using a variety of forms of social media (the Bugle, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, e-mail), there was little coordination between them all. Stuart G wanted to elect a deputy to help him. Gorm A volunteered to help Stuart bring some kind of synthesis between the various platforms.

• Steve B presented his Touring Report. Discussion ensured over who could attend the tours and Steve B pointed out the impractical logistics of having ‘open’ tours abroad (too many people would pose difficulties for accommodation, transport and also present possible safety issues). Mark H said that people should pay a deposit if they wanted to take part in a tour to show commitment. Discussion was had over organising an ‘open’ tour and Steve B suggested the possibility of a tour of Devon open to all members.

• Much discussion was had over what constitutes an Anerley ride. Tom V stressed that if a group of cyclists were going out on an official Anerley ride, they are covered by the Anerley insurance and Stuart G added that you would also get the CTC legal team fighting on your behalf were anything unfortunate to happen. Tom V said that an Anerley ride is ‘anything we do together’ but Des pointed out the complexities of this statement by giving his own example of leading rides which had some Anerley members and some members who chose not to be part of the club. Tom V concluded the discussion by saying that a publicised list of regular Anerley rides was needed-ie who is doing what on which days.

• The issue of paying subs was discussed since after several rides without sub payment the cyclist ceases to be insured under the Anerley banner. With this in mind, Des D, John D, Tom V and Mark H have been given the authority by Meike T to collect subs. No subs, no ride! Go home!

• Much discussion was had on sensible and safe riding and there was a general feeling amongst the leaders that riders were often undisciplined in their riding which causes issues of safety for everyone. Mark H suggested that Track sessions would be helpful for all cyclists and said he would explore this. Tom V pointed out that a set of club rules for cyclists to adhere to were on the website and he encouraged members to read them.

• Mark H and Meike T are reviewing the cups and trophies awarded by the club. Two historic trophies surfaced. Des D produced a two-foot trophy which has a long history going back to the 1900, won outright by William Moon in 1901-1903 and was renamed as the William Moon Memorial Trophy when he died. Des suggested this might be a trophy which could be dedicated to women’s achievements. Tom V also produced a ‘missing’ trophy made out of solid silver. The club agreed that the trophy be taken to a specialist to be repaired and cleaned and then awarded to a member. Des D suggested that it would be helpful to have a list of trophies and what they are awarded for.

• Des D produced some A4 booklets containing the stories of past members of Anerley bc. Stuart G said that some of these stories were on the website and encouraged members to read them and be inspired. Des D also mentioned that it used to be tradition to have a person of honour attending the club dinner and Frank K agreed to contact the granddaughter of Mr Calder.

• Frank K spoke about a joint bike ride with other clubs (Catford and Anfield). This has taken place in past years in France. Discussion concluded with the prospect of riders from the three clubs being asked if they would like to participate in this ride again.

• Bob G highlighted that we have a social responsibility to the young people of today, and that we should be encouraging younger members to join the club.

• Vince H mentioned that he was a qualified cycling instructor and that he would be prepared to lead rides. He agreed to do the Track session organised by Mark H.

• Mark H said he wanted members to wear Anerley cycling kit whilst out on rides, and that during the winter months he would like Sunday rides to start at the later time of 9.30 am

That’s all folks!