Tuesday Ride 4th October 2016


Just a short report, but lots more to read if you click on the link that follows.
This Tuesday was nearly a perfect day, weather wise. Sun, blue sky, warm but quite breezy, enough wind to slow us down a bit. The destination was Haskins Garden Centre at Snow Hill, which was a round trip of 40 + miles.

The ride was marred by a puncture when descending at speed from the Green Sand Ridge at Nutfield.  Punctures in such situations often result in loss of control, ending in a crash. Luckily for our Anerley rider a crash was avoided but tyre and inner tube were beyond repair (even a tyre boot could not fix the shredded tyre) so it was a long walk to Halfords at Redhill where a replacement tyre was acquired to then ride home.

Reading recent club ride reports it is evident that there has recently been a spate of punctures, so I thought it might be of value, now that winter is on its way, to provide a few perhaps useful puncture tips. See an earlier Anerley web item at http://anerleybc.org/a-thorny-problem-and-winter-woes/