Tuesday Ride: 16th May 2017

Tuesday Rides were getting too popular. This was the first in an experiment to split the rides into a faster group and a slower group starting 30 minutes later. Fourteen showed up for the fast 9:30am start (above) but only five for the slow 10am. I guess the ‘Fast’ will have to get ‘Faster’ to even the numbers up!

The destination Redhill Aerodrome isn’t that far so TomTom had devised a devious route that took us out through Marden Park towards Crowhurst and onto Horne before turning through Outwood to the Aerodrome. A wonder warm sunny summer day. We had plenty of time to enjoy it before the other group showed up.

Meike was busy organising a future training session to try and improve our group riding which, with the increasing size of rides, is becoming a real problem. Tea, cake and a certificate was promised …

The return was straight home through the Merstham Gap: 33.12 miles @ a moving average of 12.72 mph for the 9:30 group.